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Disclaimer 0.1:
Access to the server is for all intents and purposes; a privilege, server ownership reserves the right to remove your access at any point if it is deemed necessary without reason. All below listed rules are subject to change and maybe amended by the owners with short notice.

Disclaimer 0.2:
Florida law enforcement strictly follows Discord TOS, for this matter we don’t allow members under the age of 13 years old, everything stated in Discord Terms of service document is part of florida law enforcement Rules and regulations and TOS, please feel free to click on the following link to visit Discord terms of services for more information DISCORD TOS

Advertising (1.0)
Do not post any inappropriate or suitable links in any chat in our server or anyone else's server, doing this will result in a ban from both the discord and server.

Please do not post any other Discord servers links in any chat rooms, no Twitch, YouTube or any social media. A violation of this section could result in a ban from both the discord and server. *See content creator information in section 4.1 for exceptions.

Spam (1.1)

Do not Spam in-game chat, spam in voice chat, spam the forums or spam the discord, this also includes malicious, hurtful, pornographic, multi tagging members, departments or otherwise inappropriate web links, images, or videos. Spam is not tolerated in the community at all. If you are caught by any of our Staff members you will be suspended. If it happens again, you will be kicked/banned.
Discrimination (1.2)
Discrimination is against the rules in this community. Discrimination is when you treat someone unjustly or make predetermined notions about them specifically due to their  
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation  
  • Age or Gender

Any member met with discrimination towards them will immediately tell the person discriminating them to stop the behavior. That member can then report the rule violation to a compliance staff member. Violations of this rule can result in a kick, suspension, or permanent ban from the entire community.

Bullying (1.25)

Bullying is not tolerated throughout Florida Law Enforcement at all. Bullying is defined as the abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable. If you feel like you are being bullied by another member, approach one of the department/divisional leaders through direct messages with evidence and they will direct the issue to our compliance department for an investigation if need be.

Violations could result in a kick or ban if evidence there and the investigation is sustained.7

Unauthorized Channel and Forum Usage (1.3)

Entering unauthorized areas of communication without the permission of a division supervisor could constitute a warning or kick.

Soliciting 1.35
It is against server rules and regulations for anyone in florida law enforcement to either ask any member for donations or try to get donations using florida law enforcement RP content or name without Owner Plutonium’s unique authorization from fivem collective.The member who violates this rule could be held to disciplinary actions as follow(any of the following might apply).
  • Kick
  • Ban
  • Demotion from current rank
  • Temp Suspend the member
  • Mandatory LOA.

Griefing (1.4)

A griefer is a player who deliberately irritates and harasses other players using aspects of the roleplay in unintended ways. A text book griefer derives pleasure primarily or exclusively from the act of annoying other users.

On this server if a fellow role-player asks you to stop, you must stop. This includes anything from OOC to roleplaying in a manner that makes other users feel uncomfortable.
Any roleplay that is deemed "extreme" is not allowed, this includes (but is not limited to) Rape, Slave, Terrorist and Racist roleplay.

A violation of this rule could result in a kick or ban from the server.
Disrespect (1.5)

If you are disrespectful or extremely rude to any member of the server, especially staff members, you could be kicked or banned from the server.

Do not argue with any divisional leadership members or owners regarding their judgment in-game and out of game. If you have a complaint, you must seek and ensure this information is provided in an informative and tactful manner. Please use proper complaint forms via the website and discord to appeal all judgements made.

Military and Public Safety Disrespect (1.55)

Any aggressively negative comments about United States protective personnel or allied personnel will result in a kick/ban from FLE server. Any member who is caught indulging in stolen valor or is believed to be identifying with stolen valor will be investigated by compliance staff under this rule.

Voice Chat Rules (1.6)

In the voice chats, these are the rules that you must follow:

  • All users will abide by good mannerisms and treat all other members in the discord / voice chat with respect. There will be no bashing or degradation of other user’s wellbeing.
  • Any profanity that is reported to us, will be a temporary server suspension for a period of up to 24 hours, although do keep it in check you can also be banned. Excessive use of profanity will not be tolerated. Respect the other players in the channel you're in.
  • While we encourage guests / prospective members to join the server, guests must follow the new member rules to be registered. In the event the prospective member breaks voice chat rules they will be kicked or banned from joining the server.
  • Prejudiced behavior of any type, including but not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia and religious derogatory comments, is strictly forbidden and will be punished with a ban.
  • Impersonating another user or naming yourself with a false rank or title is strictly prohibited.
  • All community members are bound to these voice chat rules 24/7 while inside voice chat. Punishments can and will range from suspension in a department to an administrative complaint which may lead to a kick from voice chat with a documented warning or a ban from the entire community.
  • All FLE members must be in their assigned tagged names, as it appears on the website and in game. Failure to comply may result in a kick or ban.
  • All FLE members of leadership with the power to move others within the discord server can move members at their discretion during official business, with the understanding that abuse of this power will result in an administrative action.
  • FLE leaders who have administrative power to enforce rule violations have them for a reason. Any abuse of the power will be a violation of their held position in the community. Abuse of discord powers will result in an immediate suspension and investigation.
  • If you are banned from the community this will carry over to discord and all other forms of community communication.
  • Divisions and departments will be allotted as many channels as their division or department needs for efficiency. If a division or department has an excessive and unneeded number of channels. Those channels may become subject to deletion during audits.
  • Please keep in mind that discord has global text channels instead of text channels for every voice channel. Many text channel have specific purposes. Please try and be mindful with which one you’re typing in.
  • Please when using our music bots respect other in your channel and don’t play music that will be controversial or troll members in the channel. Any violation will cause music to be removed or skipped.
  • The everyone and here global pings cannot be used by non-leadership members.

Use of chat in Game (1.7)
  • The chat box is a privilege and not a right. Abusing it will get you kicked or banned. No matter what the issue is, no player is authorized to spam chat. You will be warned, kicked, then banned. You must use /OOC for any OOC discussions. (version 2.0) Use /report in chat when notifying an admin of a player abusing the rules, game mechanics, etc. (version 2.0)
        Do Not:

  • Spam OOC with nonsense or metagaming (Asking for location or giving information)
  • Argue with other players or an admin in-game chat.
  • Abuse /report by reporting false report or spamming it.

Breaking character at any point in the game to type in ooc without a suitable reason will result in punishment.
Do Not:
  • Use the out of character chat to speak to people.
  • Use the out of character chat unless its an immediate issue. Use /report instead.
  • Go out of character when you are in the game unless you are being spoken to by a rules compliance staff member (i.e. mod or admin).
  • Use any variant of the phrase "OOC really quick"
  • If you need to speak to a staff member or want to report someone, wait until the RP is over and use /report, or take it to discord or the forums.

Malicious Behavior (1.8)

Malicious behavior is defined as someone who enjoys hurting or embarrassing others. This would constitute:

  • Inappropriate links.
  • Pictures that are not family friendly.
  • Uploading any type of file containing a virus or something that would hurt someone.
  • Hacking, breaking or tampering with community property.

Any violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban from the community and possible steam related player reporting.

Account Responsibility & Player Names (1.9)
The owner of an account is responsible for any and all activity that they control.
 Examples of accountable actions:
  • Usage of racist or offensive names
  • Advertise anything (including streaming accounts) in your name
  • No Chinese, Russian, special, or otherwise foreign characters in the name.
  • Owner of the account if part of a server made for the purpose of damage fle.
Access to an account without consent is a different matter entirely if you can provide proof that your account has been compromised and used in an abusive manner an investigation will be conducted with the evidence to resolve the matter.

Role Play Related Violations (2.0)

The following violations could get a member kicked or banned from the server without warning. The member could also receive department level punishment for actions unbecoming of a departmental member. This means loss of rank and status at the will of the department head.

Fail Role Play (2.1)

This is when a player, fails to role play in a suitable matter with in the confines of a reasonable role-player. This also includes failure to use a microphone.
Do Not:
  • Punch, shoot, taze, or steal a car while handcuffed.  
  • Steal Police Vehicles in front of a Police Stations.
  • Pull a gun out in self defence while a gun is already pulled out on you.
  • Repair your vehicle after a wreck / tire blowout
  • Pulling a Full Sized Rifle out of your ass without using “/me Unracks Weapon”
  • Spawn vehicles in front of an Active RP Scene / In front of other visible players.
  • Use of certain weapons such as sniper rifles, firework launchers, tear gas.  
  • Call for police or request cover as an officer if your phone/radio has been taken.
  • Pull out a gun after someone has said or used a /me command to "take away" your weapons.
  • Go to locations that you would otherwise have a difficult time entering, such as behind the Public Safety Office or Military Base.
  • Partaking in illogical or otherwise unrealistic activities, such as storming a Public Safety Office and holding personnel at gunpoint demanding that an individual is released.

  • Drive in a continually unsafe/unrealistic manner/like "GTA Online"

Random Deathmatch & Vehicle Deathmatch (2.2)
It is forbidden for other players to kill each other with little to no roleplay. This includes the use of vehicles.
  • Random Deathmatch (also known as RDM) is Shooting at someone without engaging in any form of quality role play this includes; Immediately punch, shoot, injure, or murder/kill another player/police/EMS without in-character interaction.
  • Vehicle Deathmatch (also known as VDM) is Using any vehicle as a weapon this includes; Running over, clipping, or slamming your vehicle into a player(s) without any justification or in-character interaction. Ramming of other vehicles, within roleplay, is allowed.

Roleplaying Realistic Behavior (2.3)
All players shall conduct themselves in a realistic manner. Despite game mechanics, it is the player's responsibility to act "realistic." If struck by a moving vehicle at a high rate of speed, you are not, in real life, going to get up and run around.
Do Not:
  • Continue driving after your vehicle has collided with a light pole, building, or other hard structure/item after going approx. 40 MPH and up.
  • Immediately jump up and start shooting or fighting when EMS revives your player.

  • While handcuffed, jump into the driver seat of a vehicle and drive away. Other players may assist with breaking you out of police custody and you may even run while handcuffed but you cannot jump fences, walls, punch, or pull out firearms.
  • If tazed more than two times while running from an officer, you must stop running.
  • Do any other non-mentioned common sense or reasonable related action deemed unrealistic by compliance staff.

Meta-Gaming (2.4)
Players, including public safety personnel, are not allowed to use a player's ID number to find another player behind buildings, inside vehicles with tinted windows, "recognize" or otherwise notice an individual.
Do Not:
  • Abuse a player’s stream (twitch etc.) to gain an advantage or otherwise track a player down. This is referred to as Stream Sniping. Examples of this are If you are on the server or have a friend on the server and you watch someone who is live streaming to gain the streamers location information to meet up with them and kill them.
  • You may only use a player's name/player ID # when reporting the player.
  • A player number may only be used with public safety when interactions are necessary to complete the role play, but players will make every attempt to identify the number as something other than just a player number.   
  • Use of real-life knowledge against another player in-game that is not known to player.
  • Refer to players by their player ID # or steam name listed in player list.
  • Use out of game communication to see what players are playing to benefit you in game.
  • Using any out of game communication software unless otherwise authorized by FLE.

  • When joining the server, you cannot involve yourself in any ongoing gunfights without proper roleplay.
Powergaming (2.5)
This involves using either game or roleplay mechanics to alter a situation, so it best suits your desires. You must be willing to roleplay a situation to its fullest and not ruin the experience of others.  
Do Not:
  • Spam the bank to gain a monetary advantage. (see bank rule)
  • Pull a long gun (rifle/shotgun) from your clothing if wearing "regular" (shirt & jeans) clothes or no clothes at all. Players may exit a vehicle and scroll to their long gun. If on foot or nowhere near a vehicle, this is not allowed.
  • Force actions against another player. This is considered Force RP and is not allowed.

Combat Logging (2.6)
Combat logging is forbidden. Do not do it under any circumstance.
Do Not:
  • Log off when killed
  • Log off when being put into prison
  • Log off to avoid being killed or to avoid prison
  • Log off during a firefight or other life or death fight
  • Log off while fleeing from the police
  • Log off when you are about to be punished by a compliance staff member.

Roleplay Character Related (3.0)
The following violations could get a member kicked or banned from the server in reference to failing to abide by character based role play rules. The member could also receive department level punishment for actions unbecoming of a departmental member. This means loss of rank and status at the will of the department head.

Police Department RP (3.1)

When can a Civilian take a police car?

  • A civilian must observe an officer in the act of a role play situation. This means the officer must be online and not disconnected. The officer must make an mistake not to lock their car for the vehicle to be taken. During certain instances in complex role play a cop may be robbed of their police vehicle but serious role play must commence or else it would be considered fail role play. It is also against server rules to steal emergency vehicles outside of any police station.
What can be done with a stolen police vehicle?

  • Stolen police vehicles cannot be altered in anyway, they are to remain in the condition you got it in, and any damage you incur can’t be repaired, because no reasonable mechanic will realistically fix it for you. Thus no repairs, no modifications, no changes to the vehicle other then its default condition.

Abandoned Police Vehicle.

  • If the police vehicle is abandoned or does not have a cop identifier it will be deleted by the compliance department or other staff. These vehicles can not be stolen since there is not an active RP scene.

Gear from the police car?
  • If the police car is stolen you may only use the defaulted stolen weapon in the car whether that be a pump shotgun or rifle. Anything further or made up is not acceptable.
If I steal the car can I wear a police uniform, or can I just use the uniform for any reason?

  • No, you cannot dress up as cop or pretend to play a cop. If police gear is stolen, you may only use the gun and vehicle not the uniform. This also applies to pretending to be a cop.

Cop-baiting (3.11)
It is forbidden for players to bait officers. If an officer is busy with a crime scene such as a bank robbery or a murder or they are engaged in role play, be sure to let them finish.
Do Not:
  • Stop in the middle of the road just to do burnouts, honk your horn, or do other things that would be considered annoying while an officer is on a traffic stop or speaking with another player.
  • Use a pistol to take down larger vehicles such as the helicopters and armored SWAT vehicles.
  • Taze a player through any rolled-up window/windshield/back window of a vehicle or through windows of a building this is not realistic.
  • Steal an NPC public safety vehicle.
  • Abuse a game mechanic in front of a cop.
  • Intentionally interfere with normal role play to cause trouble for the police. This would include officers dealing with a bank robbery, pursuit, or other incidents and players continue to get in the way or cause issues just so that they can get attention from the police.
  • Intentionally hit, ram, shoot, or otherwise act inappropriately toward police personnel without engaging in proper role play.
  • The crowding at the scene of a robbery will be considered cop-baiting and players who turn up to a after robbery is in progress and cause problems for officers will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

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